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Learn About Total Care Ultrasound Exams in Navasota and Tomball TX

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I am a RVT, RDMS accredited Sonographer. I follow all the AIUM protocols for all diagnostic exams. My ultrasound experience started 20+ years ago throughout the whole greater Houston area in the best Medical Center on earth.

I have seen the industries fluidity and rode the waves that brought me to open my own ultrasound clinic. It's definitely a dream come true for me and my family (hubby and two boys) during what I believe is perfect timing amid all the high deductibles and high insurance premiums we are all faced with.

I have chosen a simple concept : step out of the insurance box and have a Direct Pay facility so that you may have an personalized, exam focused, low cost, high quality diagnostic exam that is read by a Board Certified Radiologist and is included in your one time payment** for all diagnostic exams.

If you have private insurance and you wish to make a claim with them (this excludes Medicare and Medicaid) I can provide you the essential Diagnostic and CPT codes that will be needed for you to file.

I will happily send your referring Doctor a preliminary report the same day as your exam and a Final report within 3-5 business days afterwards.

You and your referring Physician will have access to your images thru our secure patient portal. If you feel like this is a good fit for you please click the tab below to schedule an appointment or feel free to call and schedule over the phone.

Thank you, Tara RVT, RDMS

Ultrasounds in Navasota and Tomball, TX